How to Make a Website Design Look Elegant and Effective?

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The first impression is a lasting impression and if visitors to a website do not like the homepage they may just drift away from the site. The crucial point that has to be considered is how to make a design that not only looks attractive but also works well.

Comprehensive layout:

A website has to be user-friendly and when a visitor searching for some content walks into a website, they should feel satisfied that they have come to the right place. The layout has to be designed in such a way that the visitor is able to judge what the website is about and what they offer and how it will be useful for them (the visitor). This will help them search quickly for what they want and take the necessary action. They will instantly go to the hero images and complete their intended act like purchasing a product or subscribing to a newsletter or read some content. The hero space is the primary factor in the layout that can pull and convince a visitor to execute their purpose of visit.  The hero image should be catchy and precise. The visitors do not have the time or interest to watch the entire clip. The remaining area in the layout comes as secondary and should contain meaningful information that could continue to keep the visitor interested in the content and search for more services. The homepage has to be dynamic and be adding new content with latest information to get a visitor back to the website again and again.

An attractive colourful logo:

The logo to the website has to be simple yet appealing which catches the eye of a visitor and make them think about it. Human minds respond quickly to visuals. Each colour has its own meaning. Bright and bold colours grab the attention but can tend to be a little showy at times and may have a negative impact. Light colours are just the opposite and can be dull and have the risk of being overlooked by a visitor. It is recommended to go in for a mix and match.  The logo should be in good combination of colours and not too splashy. The colours used have to complement one another.

Elegant and legible typography:

The font used in the content should not be complicated. Don’t get carried away and go for styles here. The font has to be easy to read. Remember visitors to a website do not have the time nor the interest in looking for great designs. Yes, it has to be elegant and eye catching to look at but also be neat and legible making it easier for the visitor with titles and navigable buttons.

Stock photos or real photographs:

The trend is now moving towards imaginary photography. Visuals also can be a key factor to make a visitor get interested to a page. There have been instances when visitors have just skipped reading a content as they found the images repelling. Images have to be original and depict what it is intended to mean. The images have to convey the texture, size, detail, scale, context and brand of the content. Remember the visitor does not get the original product on his hand to get the feel of it like in a traditional store. They come to a website and look for images that will convey the picture of what they are looking for.

The purpose of the website’s homepage is to welcome a visitor. It is similar to the entrance of a store. Design it in a way that will attract a visitor and convert them to customers.

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